Her Values Led Her Here

August 23, 2021 HERdacity Season 2 Episode 63
Her Values Led Her Here
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Communicating Values

In this episode, herdacious host Lorelei chats with Brianna Harrington about the benefits of communicating our personal and professional values in the workplace. Staying true to oneself, dedicating time to family, prioritizing loyalty, seeking justice, securing an hour a day to watch bad YouTube covers of “I Want It That Way” — whatever it may be, we all have those few core principles that make us who we are. But as important as our values are to us individually, we can often feel inclined to abandon them in the workplace for the sake of acquiescence to its culture and its people. Instead, Brianna challenges us to infuse our values into our work environments in a way that can benefit us, both personally and professionally. As a speaker and consultant passionate about pursuing a fulfilling life, Brianna teaches us that our values are not something subject to being switched on and off once we step foot into the (zoom) office; instead, they are so deeply ingrained into who we are that they enhance our performance at work simply by making us feel happier and more in tune with ourselves. From dedicating time for self-reflection to respecting and accommodating differing opinions, Brianna guides us through the how-to's of effectively communicating our core values with those around us so that we’re able to foster the most supportive space for ourselves, enabling us to live and work optimistically! 

Host: Lorelei Gonzalez
Co-host: Brianna Harrington, MA

Brianna (Bri) Harrington, MA, is the founder of Seek United, an organization dedicated to helping people thrive. She is a health and wellness coach, certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, avid hiker, and amateur watercolor artist. She empowers her audiences to make more space for self-care, increase their stress resilience while improving their productivity, health and happiness.

Things you will learn in this episode (chapter markers available):  

  • Our values 2:43
  • Women-specific communication challenges 6:55
  • What makes YOU feel good 11:30
  • The crossroads of personal and professional values 14:35
  • Permission to change 19:00
  • Cautions 19:53
  • Femme fact: Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga 24:00

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Our values
Women-specific communication challenges
What makes YOU feel good
The crossroads of personal and professional values
Permission to change
Femme fact: Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga